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Bird Houses and Feeders
Buddhas and Warriors
Candleholders Lanterns and Lighting
Cushions and Cushion Covers
Figurines and Decorative Items
Florists Buckets and Jugs
Garden Crates
Garden Tools and Utensils
Garden Urns Planters and Pots
Glass and Kitchen Utensils
Greenhouse Furniture and Stands
Hammocks and Hanging Seats
Hampers Baskets and Assorted Wicker
Handcarts and Barrows
Heat Lamp
Kitchen Braziers and Barbecue Items
Life Study Sculptures
Metal Furniture
Miscellaneous Resin Items
Ottoman and Rugs
Outdoor and Conservatory Furniture
Parasols and Umbrellas
Signs and Hangers
Stone Effect and Resin Animals
Stone Effect Fountains and Pond Enclosures
Stone Effect Pillars Columns and Statues
Stone Effect Tables Benches and Mirrors
Stone Effect Urns
Wooden Furniture
Wooden Root Items


Garden and Conservatory Candleholders Lanterns and Lighting

Lg.Chrome Stand.Lantern W: 0 H: 1120 L: 0 D: 0 DI: 0 mm

Nickel Finish Lantern W: 0 H: 340 L: 0 D: 0 DI: 0 mm

Slim Nickel Finish Lantern W: 80 H: 320 L: 0 D: 80 DI: 0 mm

Med.Nickel Fin.Lantern W: 80 H: 260 L: 0 D: 80 DI: 0 mm

Med.Square Pipe Lantern W: 80 H: 650 L: 0 D: 80 DI: 0 mm

Sm.Square Pipe Lantern W: 80 H: 540 L: 0 D: 80 DI: 0 mm

Sq.Mtl.Frm.Hurricane Lamp W: 0 H: 490 L: 0 D: 0 DI: 0 mm

Mtl. Frm Hurricane Lamp Trio W: 0 H: 0 L: 630 D: 0 DI: 0 mm

Rustic Style Oil Lamp W: 170 H: 470 L: 0 D: 0 DI: 0 mm

Glass Jar Hang.T-light Holder W: 0 H: 300 L: 0 D: 0 DI: 0 mm

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